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OngDance School
Founded in 2004, the OngDance School has been an active Korean dance institution, providing instruction in Korean performing arts to Bay Area youth and adults.

The OngDance School has been actively involved not only in promoting the cross-cultural understanding and appreciation of Korean artistry, but also in engaging communities to connect individuals to their own cultural backgrounds, strengthening community identity, and finding a new direction for the future.

It is our belief that through dancing, each student can learn to enrich life and share joy of expressing oneself and we strive for providing the opportunity accessible. We offer Korean dance classes and workshops to all ages and backgrounds taught by the acclaimed professional dancer and choreographer, Kyoungil Ong.

It is an excellent opportunity to experience and learn artistry and techniques of Korean traditional dances such as Korean Fan dance, Salpuri, Court dance, Sword dance, Drum dance, and Hourglass Drum dance.

We have performed throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, including performances at the San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival, San Francisco Minsok Festivals, Korean Folk Festivals in San Francisco, Korean Full Moon Harvest Festivals in Sacramento and Asian Heritage Street Festival.

In April 4, 2010, it was the recipient of the second award at Falk Dance division in the 24th Barcelona International Dance Competition, Barcelona, Spain.

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