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Shall We Dance Project
Date TBD
Shall We Dance Project is a workshop designed to share the artistry and enjoyment of Korean dance with the public, especially school children, university students, and the professional artists.

Kyoungil Ong, the artistic director of the OngDance Company, the acclaimed choreographer and performer will travel to present wide variety of Korean dances and its history by hand-on lecture demonstration and interactive participation.

Bay Area National Dance Week
Korean Drum Workshop
Sunday, April 25
Sam-Go-Mu (Three drum dance) combines both acrobatic dexterity with rhythmic drumming, flawlessly intertwine to make Sam-Go-Mu a dance that truly pleases both the ear and the eye.

The elegant yet powerful movements in this dance express the blessing and joy from the earth. This is sponsored by OACC.

SIGN UP: E-mail the Presenter to register

  • The Oakland Asian Cultural Center
    Sunday, April 25
    1:30 PM - 3:00 PM
    388 9th St. Suite 290

  • All Ages Welcome!

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