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Thank you for your support of OngDance Company
The support we receive from you is essential to realizing our mission to push the boundaries of ethnic dance forward into the 21st century, create art and an art experience that mirrors and challenges the diversity of the Bay Area and Bay Area dance, bring Korean dancers together with non-Koreans, share the history and culture of Korea with the Bay Area community, and actively engage audience members in the joys and challenges of movement. 

There are several ways to support us:
1. Monetary Donation

Pease send the tax-deductible donation by mail to our fiscal sponsor:
  • Oakland Asian Cultural Center at 388 Ninth Street, Suite 290, Oakland, CA 94607
2. In-kind Donation

Videogranphy, photography, administration assistance, proving studio space, web maintenance, media coordination, make-up artist, costume artist and transportation help are welcome
3. Exchange Work

We are committed to offering a chance to dance for all.  For those who cannot afford to pay for dance classes, work exchange opportunities are available.

Also if you are interested in interning at OngDance Company, contact Kyoungil Ong at 510/543-1002 or
Class / Workshop / Performance Payments:
We now provide payment options for our members through Paypal. Please click the button below, enter the amount of your purchase and place your order. We will be emailed confirmation of your payment and follow up with you within one business day.

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