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Seok Kyung Lee, Dancer
Seok kyung Lee is a professional dancer and instruntor for the OngDance Company in the United States since 2007.
Seok kyung Lee entered University of Sejong in Mar.2000 to study Ballet and Korean traditional Dance untill 2004.
She has participated in many dancing festivals and choreographic works. While in college, she was a dancer of Jang Seon-Hee Dance company. also she danced in Korean national dance festival and Incheon dance festival. in 2002, She attended Special concert for Korea&Japan World cup and 2008, She danced in San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival too.
After graduate in 2004, she was starting to teach in Angel Dance company, Feel Dance compant and Lee, Mee-hee Dance Company. She bested many students to enter prestigious colleges.
She has passion to dancing and teaching
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