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Soo-Youn Kim, Dancer
Soomi Oh was a professional dancer in Korea. She started to dance when she was 10. She was trained not only Korean folk dance but also ballet and modern dance since the age of ten. During middle and high school years, she won trophies at the valuable dance competitions. She continued her education at Sang Myung University where she earned a B.A. in dance.

After graduated university, her concerns during that period revolved around the question of how she could best employ her dancing skills and the broader artistic sensibility therefore, she decided to study performing art management but it was not well known field in Korea. After many concerns, she went aboard to USA to study performing art management.
She has been working OngDance Company since 2006. She is a professional dancer as well as an assistant  Manager at Ong Dance Company. she also has been  performing  dance  persistently.She performed  at Asian Art Museum, UC Berkeley ,Stanford University ,Women on the Drum Festival, Asian Heritage Street Festival, and San Francisco Ethnic Dance Festival.

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