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Hanna Kim, Musician
Hanna Kim is a Kayakum player. Kayakum has 12 and 25 string zither with silk strings.

She attended Seoul Traditional Art High school in Korea majoring in Kayagum. Since then she has performed in many countries such as the Americas and Asia as a professional.

Hanna continued onto her Korean traditional music education at Choong-Ang University, where she graduated with a B.A. in Music (2004) and Completed the Dept. of Korean studies from Graduate School of Yonsei University in 2006 in the Master’s course. She studied under Yang, Seoung-hee, who is a human cultural assets and Cho, Yoon-Jung, who is a Ehwa Univ. professor.

As an instructor, Hanna teaches at the Seoul Traditional Art High school for the music, Seoul Wol-gye element school for the music and SF Korean school. Currently, in the Bay Area she continues her unique and beautiful traditional music to perform with Ong Dance company in SF.
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