OngDance Company
The OngDance School has been actively involved not only in promoting the cross-cultural understanding and appreciation of Korean artistry, but also in engaging communities to connect individuals to their own cultural backgrounds, strengthening community identity, and finding a new direction for the future.

It is our belief that through dancing, each student can learn to enrich life and share joy of expressing oneself and we strive for providing the opportunity accessible.

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OngDance School
The OngDance Company is committed to push the boundaries of ethnic dance forward into the 21st century, create art and an art experience that mirrors and challenges the diversity of the Bay Area and Bay Area dance, bring Korean dancers together with non-Koreans, share the history and culture of Korea with the Bay Area community, and actively engage audience members in the joys and challenges of movement.

Founded in 2004, the OngDance School has been an active Korean dance institution, providing instruction in Korean performing arts to Bay Area youth and adults.

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